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With over 20 years of craftsmanship, I can meet just about any design needs that you may have in mind for your woodworking project. Your quality piece maybe made of reclaimed wood (100 year old barn wood) or new wood.  Not only will you be buying a piece of true craftsmanship, but a little bit of history. 

Barn wood furniture are pieces created from salvaged wood taken from barns.  Coming from a farm myself, these historic barns have a special place in my heart.  Barn wood is naturally aged and weathered. Each plank is imperfectly perfect and chosen carefully to create a beautiful creation.


Whether you are looking for a kitchen island for your open concept kitchen design or a table for your outdoor living space, I can help.  My Urban Rustic furniture blends the old and the new.  I can meet your Industrial Chic or Vintage Modern ideas.


I offer Modern or Contemporary Rustic furniture that combines wood and metal to create a unique piece that fits perfectly with your style.


My reclaimed furniture pieces are all one of kind due to the nature of the material.  It takes many years of weathering to create this aged worn character.  


Painted furniture can add that little pop of color you need for your room.  You pick the color and finish - solid, rustic, crackle, brush or textured.  My techniques will make your piece be the focal point of the room.


My Natural wood tables and cabinets are masterfully designed in clean styles.  The beauty of the wood will speak for itself.


"I sincerely appreciate your business as I put my heart and soul into every cabinet."                                                  

                                             -Ken Evans, Owner & Designer

What's your style?  Your style is  different than anyone else. Let me help bring your style to life with custom designs.  We offer cabinets, tables, kitchen island, and more to suit a variety of styles including: 

  • Barn wood furniture

  • Urban Rustic furniture

  • Contemporary Rustic furniture

  • Salvaged Creations/Reclaimed or repurposed pieces

  • Painted furniture

  • Contemporary Classic furniture

  • Natural Wood furniture



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